Levant Hotel, Pelekas, Corfu
Food and Drink at Levant Hotel, Pelekas, Corfu

Sunset Mediterranean Restaurant

Corfiot cuisine is neither spicy nor bland, but rich in the flavours of the Mediterranean. Specialties consist of local ingredients found on the island, especially olives, lemons, vegetables, tomatoes and fish. Many dishes hark back to the days when cooks put all the ingredients in a single pot and left it to simmer all day.

Our menu offers not just Corfiot cuisine, with its specialities reflecting the influences of its foreign rulers – the Venetians, French and British - but also dishes from the eastern Mediterranean and Asia Minor.

Of the former, Pastisada (beef cooked in a spiced tomato sauce), Sofrito (slices of beef cooked in a sauce of wine vinegar, garlic and parsley) and Stifado (a rabbit and baby onion stew) all originated under Venetian rule and equivalent recipes can be found in contemporary Italian cuisine.

Dishes from further east include Bourekakia (a typical Turkish appetiser), Bekri Meze (which translates as Drunkard’s Meze), Soufiko (which originated in Anatolia but is now mainly associated with the Aegean island of Ikaria), Soutzoukakia (introduced into Greece in the early 20th century by refugees from Smyrna), Souvlaki (shish kebab), and most notably of all, Moussaka, variations of which are eaten throughout Greece, Turkey, the Balkans and the Middle East.

Finally, do try some of our pastries such as Baklava or Kataifi, which have also travelled to us from the east.

Kαλή όρεξη!


Bourekakia – fried filo pastry stuffed with cheese and aubergine
Saganaki – fried cheese
Grilled Haloumi – cheese from Cyprus
Grilled feta cheese
Nouboulo – smoked pork, served with honeydew melon
Grilled peppers stuffed with cheese
Tzatziki – yoghurt with garlic and cucumber
Bekri Meze – pork and peppers cooked in wine
Prawn Saganaki – baked prawns and feta cheese
Grilled Octopus
Octopus Vinaigrette
Kalamari – fried squid
Marinated anchovies
Special Omelette

Greek Salad
Kaiser’s Salad
Garibaldi Salad – mozzarella, tomatoes, nouboulo
Chicken Salad

Spaghetti Carbonara
Spaghetti Napolitana
Spaghetti Bolognaise
Prawn Linguini

Stuffed Peppers and Tomatoes
Soufiko – vegetable stew
Cockerel Pastisada
Sofrito – beef in a garlic and parsley sauce
Rabbit Stifado – a casserole with baby onions
Soutzoukakia – meatballs in tomato sauce
Pork Fillet with mushrooms
Grilled Burgers

Roast Lamb
Lamb Chops
Chicken Souvlaki
Pork Souvlaki
Chicken Fillet
Pork Chop
Beef Chop
Chicken Schnitzel
Risotto – with prawns or a selection of sea food
Grilled Swordfish

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