Levant Hotel, Pelekas, Corfu
History of Levant Hotel, Pelekas, Corfu

Levant Hotel - History
The hotel is located close to the western shore of Corfu on the summit of Pelekas hill and has a panoramic view of the surrounding area and of the famous sunset. It is this elevated position and views that have attracted so many visitors over the years.

Probably the most famous were The Empress of Austria - popularly known as Sissi - and later, Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany (above). Before Sissi built Achillion Palace in 1890 at Gastouri on Corfu's east coast, she had tried to buy the land on which the Levant Hotel now stands. In fact, at one stage she actually bought the deeds from a local land owner - but it turned out that the land wasn't his to sell!

After Sissi's assassination in 1898, Achillion was sold to Kaiser Wilhelm. He too fell in love with the view of the sunset from the summit of Pelekas and, when in Corfu, was driven from Achillion each evening to sit and watch the sun dipping into the sea. This point is now known as the "Kaiser's Throne" and has an easily accessed observation point which offers probably the best panoramic views to be found anywhere in Corfu.

Close to the hotel is the Church of Evagelistria, built around 1500. The church has been restored and is the scene of a festival each year on 25 March.

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